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Even though Game of Thrones ended back in 2019, there is no stopping the harsh winter in Seattle because it’s always coming whether you like it or not. It is incredibly challenging to stay warm during sub-zero temperatures without a furnace. It plays the most essential role in keeping your family warm throughout winter, and it can get rough if the furnace does not work well the entire season. The best furnace can provide heating to your home for many years without problems, but the moment it starts malfunctioning, your energy bills will be higher than the Space Needle. For the best furnace maintenance in Bellevue to prevent your home from turning into Queen Elsa’s frozen castle, here are some great tips to stay warm.

Bond with Your HVAC System

If your home has an HVAC system that looks complex, now is the best time to learn how it works. This will help you conduct maintenance checks safely and effectively by understanding all the essential parts. Your system most likely involves a thermostat, furnace, condensing unit, heat exchanger, refrigerant lines, vents, ductwork, and the evaporator coil.

Check Blower Belts

Like a car’s motor, your furnace has some belts too, and not the fashionable kind that looks great on jeans. If these belts get damaged or ripped, the motor on your furnace might stop working and leave your fingers and toes numb.

Adjust Your Vents Correctly

If the vents are not appropriately set to allow maximum airflow through the ducts, they might get blocked from dust, mold, or even debris over time.

Check the Exhaust

The exhaust on your furnace should be clear to work efficiently. Otherwise, the air will not circulate properly, and your furnace could get too hot and build up carbon monoxide.

Clean Those Filters

The filters on your furnace will protect it from debris so that the system does not get clogged. These filters can accumulate a lot of dust over time, so you will have to clean them regularly or replace them with new ones.

Clean Around Your Furnace

The area directly surrounding your furnace should always stay clean. Otherwise, any debris that gets accumulated can cause a buildup of gas and lead to house fires. Although a fire will keep you warm, you do not want an indoor bonfire.

Get Some Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the best to keep the warm air flowing closer to the floor and throughout the house. You will get a continuous swirl of warmth that will make those Netflix nights on the couch more bearable without having to sit too close to each other.

Get A Carbon Monoxide Detector

HVAC systems have a risk of leaking carbon monoxide, even though it happens rarely. To avoid this risk and have the best furnace maintenance in Bellevue, you should invest in Carbon Monoxide monitors. These are inexpensive and very easy to find. They might even make a great holiday gift because you would be saving lives.

Check the Humidity

The winter season can be very dry, and the air from your furnace makes things worse. Having a humidifier nearby can help you counter the dry furnace air while helping heat transfer more effectively around the house.

Save Some Energy

Even if you have the best furnace in the world, you should not be running it in full force throughout the entire winter season. Your furnace might get exhausted from all the hard work of heating a whole house, so you should consider alternative insulation solutions as well. Only use the furnace when it becomes too cold and then turn it off for a while to let it rest until you need it again.

Let Professionals Take Care of Your Furnace

If you need furnace maintenance in Bellevue or furnace repair in Redmond, you should consult a professional to come and look at your system. This will help you stay prepared ahead of time to make your home the most comfortable retreat when there is a blizzard outside. A furnace makes a remarkable difference when it comes to Seattle’s freezing temperatures. Greenhouse Plumbing can provide your family the gift of warmth by repairing your furnace without breaking the bank while you sit back, sip a delicious hot chocolate, and let us do all the hard work this winter. Give us a call at (425) 999-9417, or visit and check out our Facebook page for more details on how to stay warm in Seattle.

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