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Air conditioning is a necessity when the hot summer months arrive. Life can feel more than a little unbearable if your AC unit stops functioning.Since repairs can be expensive, it helps to identify potential problems to fix before starting your air conditioner for the year. Here are the items you’ll want to review and how to correct them so that you can be comfortable inside.


Top Issues to Review Before Starting an Air Conditioner

1. Filter

A filter problem is one of the most common reasons air conditioners don’t work as expected. You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for this maintenance requirement to know when to change it.

Some require a monthly change, while others go once per quarter.

If you’re unsure if your filter needs cleaning or replacement, check to see if any light comes through it. When you can’t see anything, it’s time to clean or change it.

2. Leaks

Coolant leaks prevent an air conditioner from performing as expected. You might experience indoor temperature fluctuations. It helps to have an experienced technician review this issue to see what repairs are necessary. An annual maintenance checkup works to prevent this problem from developing.

3. Thermostat

If your air conditioner doesn’t work as expected, there could be a thermostat issue to review. You’ll want to inspect the inside to see if it is clean. Does sunlight shine on the sensor? Is it even turned on?

Once you’ve checked these issues, a persistent problem could require the help of a trained professional.

4. Fuse or Breaker

When no power goes to your AC unit, it won’t function. The first step is to check to see if the air conditioner is plugged into its receptacle. This step gets missed more often than you might think.

Once you’ve confirmed it is plugged in, you’ll want to check your electrical panel to see if any fuses or breakers tripped. When everything in the home looks good, the motor’s breaker in the AC unit might need some attention.

5. Drainage

An air conditioner’s drain line can quickly clog with dust, dirt, and lint. When this issue occurs, you can often see the pan start filling. Water will eventually leak, increasing the risk of damage to the AC unit and anything else around it.

6. Coils

Air conditioners come with evaporator and condenser coils. The first absorbs heat in the air before sending it back into the home at a colder temperature, while the second becomes dirty due to the elements with their location outside with the compressor. Both require occasional maintenance to ensure proper functionality.

7. Contactor

AC units have contactors for the condenser fan motor, blower, and compressor. If arcing or pitting occurs, it could be challenging for the current to start the air conditioner.

Air conditioner services need a little help each year to ensure they perform at their best. When you review these key areas before turning on the AC unit for the summer, you’ll have more confidence in the cool air it can provide.

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