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No matter how well we look after our drainage systems, plumbing problems can still happen to the best of us. You might be looking forward to having a fantastic shower after work to destress, only to find out that the water is overflowing inside the tub instead of seeping down the drain. This would be enough to ruin anybody’s mood, no matter how cheerful and positive they usually are. Then you might find yourself hopping online searching for “Plumbers near me,” because let’s face it, what other choice do you have? Here are the top five plumbing questions that get asked most frequently so that you can get the right support from plumbers in Sammamish, WA.

Why Is the Water in My Toilet Always Running?

This is the most asked question when it comes to plumbing problems. When you flush the toilet after every use, the water should only run for a few moments to clear all the contents of the bowl. If you keep hearing running water coming from the toilet, it might be caused by a faulty that cannot close properly to create an effective seal around the flush valve. If your flapper is being difficult and keeping you up at night with the sound of running water, you should try to jiggle the flush handle. This is a quick fix unless the flapper and valve are faulty and need to be replaced. Then you might have to contact an Issaquah plumber to save the day.

What Can I Toss into My Garbage Disposal Without Breaking It?

Garbage disposals are tricky because they can handle a lot of things. You can toss in things like cooked carrots, eggs, mashed potatoes, and so much more. But then there comes a day when the disposal has had enough and refuses to break down leftover pieces of soft pasta. This can clog the kitchen sink in no time, making it impossible to wash the dishes in a clean environment. You might also smell rotten food from the garbage disposal if you do not clear the remains inside after every use. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful of what you throw into the garbage disposal even if it becomes a fun game to test its limits. Avoid dumping hard substances, such as bones, eggshells, coffee beans, and anything else that might jam the blades inside. Make sure that the water is running from the tap while the garbage disposal is on so that all the broken particles of food can flow down the drain smoothly. Otherwise, can you imagine trying to swallow a large pill without a sip of water to go with it?

Should I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners to Unclog My Pipes?

Commercial or industrial drain cleaners are toxic and should be used very carefully. They are always decorated with several warning labels, and slowly deteriorate your pipes from the inside out. In this extreme scenario, you will need to get the drain lines replaced by professionals. Contact your local plumbers in Sammamish, WA, to get the job done right. There are products on the market with enzymes and friendly bacteria that can prevent the buildup of sludge and grease in your pipes. This will keep them clog-free for a longer time to save you money on repairs.

Why Does My Drain Get Clogged?

In most homes, the drains get blocked because people are not careful about what flows down their pipes. For example, you might have visited a public bathroom with signs begging people not to flush down anything other than soft toilet paper. Tubs are prone to get clogged by hair and soap. The best thing to do after a long bath with Enya playing in the background and scented candles lingering in the air is to use a straightened wire hanger to pull out all the hair when you are done.

The kitchen sink has a hard time escaping any grease you might pour down the drain. This is one of the worst causes of blockages because the grease in pipes hardens when it cools down. Baby wipes and diapers should also never be flushed in the toilet because they enlarge when they absorb all that moisture, and your pipes will clog instantly. Even if you are all Monica Gellar about what gets flushed down the toilet, drains can still get blocked, especially if there are pipe fractures. This is not anybody’s fault because pipes naturally break down over time from regular use. When this happens, contact your Issaquah plumber to install brand-new pipes that will also improve your water flow to avoid the build-up of dissolved water minerals, which are sediments that block drains even if you keep them as clean as possible.

Why Is My Hot Water Running Out So Fast?

Problems with hot water may occur due to many reasons, depending on the type and age of your heater. There are usually two main elements that heat your electric water heater. These are the top and bottom elements. If you start freezing in the shower because your hot water suddenly vanished after a few minutes, you might want to blame the lower element on your heater. If that is not working, only the top part of your tank gets heated, and that is why you might get a chilly surprise after enjoying a nice shower at the start. Unfortunately, this also happens at the worst moment when you need to wash away all that sticky conditioner. If the top element was the one taking time off, you would not get any hot water at all. This could be because of a trip in the heating system, which you should be able to reset with a button. If the reset button also fails you, then the problem is much more serious, and you will need to contact plumbers in Sammamish, WA.

If you use a gas hot water tank instead, then the dip tube is what causes this problem. This is a piece of pipe that leads the cold water to the bottom of your tank to be heated. The dip tube contracts and becomes shorter over time after regular use. This ruins the balance of hot and cold water, which results in lukewarm water pouring out of the showerhead. Although this is still better than nothing, nobody should have to live like that, especially during winter.

Even if you might be a plumbing enthusiast yourself, it is always recommended to hire a professional to investigate all your drainage problems. This is just to be on the safe side for your family’s comfort. Contact Greenhouse Plumbing and Heating on (425) 999-9417 and check out our Facebook page for more information.

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