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The kitchen is often considered the heart of the house, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners choose to spend a lot on the look and feel of their outdoor kitchen. Many Bellevue homeowners are now choosing to plumb for an outdoor kitchen, which includes preparing a new hole in the ground, installing a drain, wiring services, and more, as they wouldn’t want to miss out on this beautiful experience. Read on to learn about outdoor kitchen plumbing.

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The Benefits of Plumbing for an Outdoor Kitchen

Are you considering an outdoor kitchen? Or do you need an outdoor kitchen sink drain? Then it is essential to set your expectations. The extra work won’t be cheap, and it will require some planning, but the payback is well worth the effort. Here are some of the benefits of plumbing for an outdoor kitchen:

– More entertaining options: A plumbed-out outdoor kitchen can bring new life to your backyard. You can host a BBQ or a summer garden party with a big-screen TV and surround sound.

– Less clean-up required after a party: Cleaning up after any gathering is so much easier when you have an outdoor kitchen. If you’ve hosted a BBQ or summer garden party, there’s no need to worry about washing dishes by hand; toss them in the outdoor sink plumbing and run them through the dishwasher.

– Reduce water usage: Keep in mind that outdoor kitchen plumbing has significant benefits for reducing water usage and waste.

How to Plumb for an Outdoor Kitchen

Run a Supply Line

Connect an outdoor-specific supply line from the interior part of your house. Put drain plug-equipped cutoff valves at the lowest possible location. And use two-hole clamps every four inches or so to secure the pipes.

Link the house and outdoor kitchen

The supply line should be connected to the house wall and the outdoor kitchen, stretching over the sink top or cabinet base. Carefully use male screwed adapters that connect to the sink’s supply lines.

Work on Adding More Pipes

Connect the outdoor sink drain trap to a PVC pipe using an adapter. Then, install a pipe that has been permitted by code for gas lines exposed to the outside in your location if you wish to use natural gas to fuel your barbecue. A gas regulator may be necessary for certain grills. After this, set up the sink and trap.

Dig a dry well

Construct an uncontaminated well at least 10 feet away from the deck or patio by digging a hole (check the local code). It’s best to dig a shallow trench away from the house. You’ll likely need a 1-1/2-inch PVC drain line for the excavation. Make sure it slopes at a 1- 1/4-inch-per-footpace.

Fill up the well.

Make a half-inch-wide slit in the bottom of trash cans. Insert a trash can into the opening. The grade should be approximately 2 inches lower than the top of the desk. Make a tiny hole where the pipe will enter and mark it with a marker. In order to fill the container with gravel, put the can back into the ground and then insert the pipe.

Choosing the correct components

Consult your local building authority before purchasing any fittings or pipes for outdoor kitchen plumbing. Drainpipes are almost always made of PVC. Perhaps you might try installing a perforated drain pipe underground to allow some water to drain out towards the well that no longer produces any water.

Hiring a Professional

As many Bellevue homeowners are now opting for outdoor kitchen plumbing, it’s essential to hire a professional plumber in this regard. A plumber will be able to help you figure out the best way for your outdoor kitchen to function. This can include installing the necessary outdoor sink drain and plumbing water lines.

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