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Water heaters are essential appliances in modern homes and commercial properties. They are used for various tasks, including food preparation, housework, washing, and bathing. However, the cost of a new water heater in Bellevue is something to consider when your current one eventually gives out. Continue reading to find out the cost of replacing a water heater and the factors contributing to the price.

What is the cost of replacing a water heater?

Water heaters are the second most significant energy consumer appliances in the average house, but their replacement costs are far lower than other systems like the HVAC. For example, the minimum cost of a standard water heater is about $1,000, while a tankless one might set you back as much as $3,000.

Also, a traditional tank-storage water heater ranges from around $600 to $1,600, with an additional $150 to $800 required for installation.

Tankless water heaters may be purchased for $250–$2,500, with an additional $400–$1,500 for installation. The system’s basic price (ranging from $250 to $3,000) and rising labor expenses are to blame for this. The cost of hiring a licensed plumber may vary from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the job’s complexity (installing a tankless water heater sometimes necessitates running new gas and water lines). In addition, tankless systems require eight to ten hours to install, whereas storage tank models only take around three hours.

If you have a house warranty, you may save a lot of money on a new water heater. Usually, a house warranty always protects against the high expense of upgrading or repairing expensive home appliances. For this reason, if your water heater fails and you have a warrant, the warranty company will send a professional repair contractor to inspect the damage.

There is a $60–$125 service call fee, but all further repairs or replacements are on the house. So far, the annual cost of a house warranty ranges from $300 to $600.

What are the factors affecting the cost of water heater replacement?

It’s important to consider the following factors while setting aside money for a new water heater:


A new water heater installation cost is most affected by the system type you choose, whether tankless or storage tank models. Water is heated on demand in tankless models, which may last twice as long but cost much more than tank models.

Efficiency ranking

High-efficiency versions are available in tank and tankless configurations and may provide 100-300% energy savings. However, they typically cost between $2,000 and $6,000 more than a regular model with the same efficiency.


The cost of a water heater repair service often increases in proportion to its size. Therefore, when shopping for a tank water heater, you must know how many liters of hot water your family frequently uses. For example, a 30-gallon tank would generally be enough for a two-person household. However, a 40- to 50-gallon tank is recommended for families of four or five.

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