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A hot shower is one of life’s best simple luxuries. Whether you spend five minutes in there or fifty, it feels like time stands still for a while.

Those are the moments when you can prepare your mind for the day or relax from the earlier stress.

When that hot water hits your skin with the correct pressure, it feels incredible. When you have low pressure, that relaxing shower can turn into another stressful event.

If you’re only getting some dribbles instead of a solid stream from your shower head right now, here are some steps you can take to solve that problem.

How Can I Start Taking a Better Shower Today?

1. Clean the shower heads.

Even if you don’t have hard water in your community or from your well, calcium, and limescale deposits can slowly build until they block the streams from flowing as intended. If your low-flow shower head is a trickle and the pressure is good throughout the house, you’ll need to clean everything from the inside out.

  • Unscrew the shower head as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Remove any sediment found inside.
  • Take out the filter to clean it before replacing it.
  • Use a gentle toothbrush to clean individual rubber nozzles that could be blocked.

If you see visible mineralization on the shower head, it helps to immerse the product in a bowl of vinegar overnight.

2. Inspect the flow restrictor.

Most showerhead manufacturers incorporate flow restrictors in their designs due to the stipulations found in the National Energy Act. It conserves water while reducing your utility bills. If you have low pressure at home, this design element can stop the shower from working as intended.

Your user’s manual should give you instructions on removing it if you have a low-flow situation to manage.

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