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Does it seem like you’re constantly turning your thermostat down a degree or two to be comfortable? If so, there could be an issue with your air conditioner.

Some problems are easier to identify than others. When there isn’t any power going to the AC unit, it won’t turn on. If it works, but cold air doesn’t develop, there could be a blocked filter or a coil issue to manage.

Here are some typical ways you can tell if your air conditioner isn’t working correctly.

Fan and Compressor Issues

When you’re outside, you can check to see if your fan and compressor could cause your AC unit not to work as expected. The first step is to thoroughly examine the fan motor to ensure no apparent signs of damage exist. If there are, you’ll want to advise your local air conditioning contractor of this information.

Some other symptoms signal there could be a problem in this area.

  • The condenser unit produces rattling noises while the fan operates.
  • You see continuous rotation occur, even with the air conditioner off.
  • The blades rotate slowly.
  • You receive no response to the air conditioner turning on. 

Thermostat Issues

An air conditioner problem is often simpler than most homeowners and business owners realize. If the batteries to your thermostat stop providing power, your AC unit won’t work correctly.

It helps to check for warning lights on your thermostat to avoid a long-term AC problem. If you see this issue, replace your batteries.

Drainage Issues

It helps to look for signs of leaking when inspecting an air conditioner that isn’t working as expected. If the coil is covered with ice or has liquid near it, you could have a refrigerant leak to manage.

This AC repair is best handled by a local and experienced air conditioning technician. A thorough inspection of the AC unit could be necessary to ensure there aren’t other problems to manage. 

Air Filter Issues

Your AC air filter is typically near a vent by the thermostat or contained within the unit. Each air conditioner is different, but you should be able to access this component, pull it out, and insert a new one.

You’ll see arrows indicating how to install the new air filter correctly. Lightly tap the new filter to ensure it can’t move before placing the vent or securing the grille. If it has been more than three months since you checked on this part, it could be the reason why the AC isn’t working. 

Weather Issues

If you have an older air conditioner at home, an unexpected heatwave could cause it to struggle to keep up with the temperature you prefer. When everything checks out, your unit might be too small for the property or unable to run at its maximum efficiency. This situation typically requires a tune-up or an upgrade to resolve the issue.

When you’ve ruled out all these issues, your locally trusted air conditioning contractor can help you identify the problem. Reach out to schedule your appointment right away so that you can be comfortable when the heat arrives. 

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