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Trenchless Services – An Innovative Solution

It can be a distressing feeling when you have to deal with a plumbing problem in your home. However, trenchless repair services is a new innovative solution that can make the entire process much easier for you. Whether you need a repair or installation for your plumbing pipes, you can always consider the trenchless option to save money. Moreover, this process can be done for both residential and commercial buildings throughout the Bellevue, WA, area. One of the biggest plumbing problems that can cause big headaches for the homeowner is a pipe or sewer line repair. This is mainly because the method of digging a trench, finding the broken pipe and fixing it can be expensive. It can also be a big mess for the yard. The new trenchless technology changes everything. Let’s go over the costs of trenchless repairs.

What is a Trenchless Repair?

The term trenchless” refers to underground plumbing repairs, such as repairing a leaky pipe or a burst sewer line. In the past, plumbers would have to dig trenches in order to get to the problem pipe. Nowadays, a plumber can use the trenchless method. This is ideal because the plumbers won’t have to dig to find and repair the pipes underground. If a new pipe needs to be replaced, the plumber will be able to use the full bore trenchless method to steer and install the new pipe.

Trenchless Repairs Compared to Traditional Methods

The cost of trenchless services in Bellevue can vary depending on what you need done. Starting with the sewer line replacement cost, you’ll be able to see that the cost is much more affordable compared to the traditional way of replacing sewer pipes. The following figures will depend on the types of pipes you need, repairs and other variables. With the old method, you would probably be looking at somewhere between $7,000 and $25,000. Although simpler plumbing jobs can be cheaper, a trenchless alternative is more cost effective. These estimates do not include any costs you would incur by repairing damages done to your yard due to the digging.

Average Cost of Trenchless Services in Bellevue

What makes trenchless repairs so appealing? Well, it’s much more convenient, cheaper and better for the environment. The average cost for trenchless sewer repairs can range from $6,000 to $12,000. Just as an example, the inspection for a belly in sewer line cost can start at $100 and up to $800. This will help the plumbers determine the condition of the pipe and what needs to get done. By going in with a sewer camera, the plumber can locate the area where the pipe is sagging and holding the water.

Other Factors to Consider

Two factors will greatly impact the price for a plumbing repair, which will include the pipe length and diameter. The cost to repair a sewer line can come out much cheaper if the length and diameter of the pipes are smaller compared to bigger alternatives. This is because less materials and work will go into the job. Other services that will be considered in the pricing are pipe inspections, pipe relining and drain line repairs, just to mention a few. Rest assured that the trenchless repair method is an excellent option to consider when you need a sewer line repair or replacement. Because of their experience and professional plumbers, you can contact the Green House Plumbing company for all your trenchless repairs in Bellevue, or follow them on Facebook at Call Us Today! at (425) 999-9417