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Reliable Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Bellevue

Get professional sewer line installation without ruining your lawn when you call Green House Plumbing and Heating at 425-999-9417 for speedy trenchless main water line installation and repair services. Are you waiting on your plumbing repairs because you’re concerned about the cost? Then make sure to visit our coupons page now.

Dealing with a plumbing issue is stressful, especially when you find out that you may have to dig up your main sewer line to gain access to the affected area of the pipe. Digging up your yard not only costs more but is time-consuming and unsightly to look at, which is why Green House Plumbing and Heating is proud to offer professional trenchless main water line repair and replacement.

Enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing that your plumbing is good hands by choosing our team, and be sure to visit our reviews page to learn why other members of your community in Bellevue, WA depend on us, too.

What Causes Issues with Your Main Water Line?

Unfortunately, issues with the pipes that connect your home to your main water line are relatively common, thanks to these culprits:

  • Tree roots. Tree roots are among the most common causes of issues with underground pipes because roots can crush, pull apart, and even infiltrate your pipes and cause them to leak and break.
  • Old pipes. As your pipes see years of constant, daily use they will eventually begin to wear out and become corroded. Eventually, they may begin to leak, and may even break apart over time.
  • Homeowner damage. During renovations or landscaping it’s common for homeowners to accidentally rupture their underground pipes.
  • Extreme weather. Periods of heavy rainfall, strong winds, and sudden swings in temperature can cause the earth around your pipes to shift, breaking them apart and leading to plumbing issues.

How Do Trenchless Repairs Work?

Our technicians can provide you with fast, efficient trenchless main water line repair services in one of the following ways:

  • Pipe lining. Pipe lining involves using a single hole to insert a flexible tube coated with resin into your pipe, sealing the affected area.
  • Pipe bursting. This method involves digging two holes and dragging a replacement pipe through the damaged area.

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