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Most people leave their furnaces running throughout the entire year and rack up exorbitant energy bills without realizing it. Now that winter is on its way out, it might be time to stop singing theme songs from Frozen while shutting down your furnace. If this is not done correctly, you could be in for a surprise when those bills for heating and cooling repair arrive on your doorstep. You can easily save a lot of money on heating and air conditioning repair by powering off your furnace after winter has gone. Here is a simple cheat sheet to help you get the right home maintenance service to prevent a hole in your wallet.

Why Does This Matter?

Many homeowners forget to do a proper seasonal furnace shutdown, which gets left behind all through spring and summer. Modern furnaces can be left on without mechanical issues throughout the year, but this will still reflect on your energy bills. However, they draw energy even if you do not use them. Natural gas furnaces have a pilot light that needs gas to stay lit, and this alone can add up to fifty dollars in bills if you leave it switched on every single day. That money can be spent on much more valuable things, such as new clothes to show off your summer body.

Sweep Around Your Furnace

If your furnace resides in the basement or garage, you might be leaving other items around which can become a fire hazard. There should always be two feet of space between your furnace and any objects surrounding it.

You should avoid storing:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Clothes
  • Paints in this Space.

Your furnace needs air outflow and intake, which is why blocking the surrounding area with objects can lead to its demise right before winter. While dusting around the house, you should also vacuum near the furnace and pick up all the dirt to prevent fires.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As Spiderman’s uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” this applies to your furnace as well. It is necessary to have an effective smoke and carbon monoxide detector while powering the furnace. This is because a small crack in the fluid exchanger or heat pipe can lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak, which is a silent killer. Humans cannot detect this on their own because it is a colorless and odorless gas. Even when you are not using the furnace in spring, always check the batteries and test your detector for safety.

Inspect the Air Registers

After using the furnace throughout winter, you might need to check the air supply and return registers because they can get dusty. Unless you are as tall as Shaquille O’ Neil, you should use a stepladder to dust these. If you are unsure about this process, always consult experts on heating and air conditioning repair. These professionals also have nicer ladders and can do all inspections in a jiffy. Then your furnace and air conditioner will get the proper air intake to function, and you will maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Avoid closing these registers in rooms to prevent air ducts from getting blocked. The cold or hot air needs to pass through the air ducts to the closed register and might put a lot of strain on your system if they are shut.

Book A Maintenance Appointment

For the best heating and cooling repair, schedule a maintenance service with your HVAC company in fall for your annual tune-up. This way, you will not have to scramble at the last-minute during winter when everybody else is also getting their maintenance done too. Instead of being put on hold for a long time only to be told that there are no slots available, you can be the first to have your furnace all geared up for winter. Contact Greenhouse Plumbing and Heating on (425) 999-9417 for the best heating and air conditioning repair deals, and let the experts help you keep those energy bills lower than ever. Like us on Facebook at